Replacement motherboards for ZX Spectrum

The following boards have been refurbished and tested by myself, as follows:

  • Replaced original electrolytic capacitors with new ones.
  • Modded to output composite video signal - for best picture and compatibility with newer TVs.
  • Cleaned edge / tape connectors etc.
  • Tested on RAM-test loop for 2 hours
  • Loaded games from tape
  • Connected and tested expansion connector with SMART Card
  • Checked keyboard input


  • The thumbnail photos are generic images, for illustration only.
  • All boards have original Sinclair ULA chips.
  • If you'd like the board supplied with a reset switch soldered on and a heatsink attached to the ULA (IE: for use in a Spectrum Plus case) please buy the "Spectrum+ upgrade" item (where available).


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Replacement Sinclair ZX Spectrum Motherboard Issue 3B

Sinclair Spectrum 48K Motherboard Issue 3B

  • Re-capped and composite modded.
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Spectrum Plus Upgrade

Spectrum+ Upgrades

When this item is purchased with a Spectrum motherboard, I'll supply the board prepared for the Spectrum+ case as follows:

  • Heatsink installed on ULA chip
  • Reset switch soldered to PCB appropriately.
  • If you have bought more than one motherboard please indicate which one you'd like modifying.
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