Screws, Fittings for the C16 and Plus 4


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Commodore 64 Breadbin Case Screw 6.6mm head - New

New Breadbin C64 / VIC20 / C16 Case / Keyboard Screw (6.6mm head, 3.5mm diameter thread)

  • For the outer case and inside to attach the keyboard to the upper section.
  • Note: Sometimes the narrow types were used instead - it seems completely random.
  • These are brand new replacements - same dimensions as originals.
  • Sold individually.
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Commodore 64 Narrow Case / Keyboard Screw - New

C64 narrow screw (breadbin case and keyboard)  - New

  • For breadbin C64s that used narrower (5.5mm diameter head) screws
  • Where used, 3 hold the case together, and 8 fix the keyboard to the upper case
  • Also used in the VIC20 (sometimes the wider types were used instead - seems to be completely random)
  • Brand new replacement screws, sold individually.
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Plus 4 Case Screws m3 10mm x 5

A pack of five Commodore Plus 4 Case Screws

  • Brand new
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