Spare parts for joysticks


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A pair of push on receptacles for microswitches 4.8mm

A pair of new 4.8mm push-on receptacles for microswitch contacts

  • Bare wires can be crimped / soldered on 
  • 2 per pack
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Auto-fire module for Zipstik Joystick

Replacement auto-fire PCB for Zipstik joystick

  • Has the same components and circuit as the original.
  • There were a few different autofire PCBs in the various Zipstiks - this is the type that was marked "SAF-2" on the original PCB. When activated it produces rapid fire when a fire button is held.
  • Instructions are included but installation is simple - it just needs to be soldered between the fire button switches (the switch contacts that aren't connected to the orange wire) and ground (common) wire.
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Auto-fire switch for Zipstik Joystick

Replacement auto-fire switch for Zipstik joystick

  • A DPDT slide switch as used on the autofire PCB inside Zipstick joysticks
  • If the autofire feature doesn't work or is permanently enabled, a bad switch is very likely the culprit.
  • These are hard to source as the switch lever is unusally long (the commonly available slide switches have levers that barely exit the joystick body).
  • Unused, old stock parts - tested before dispatch
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C16 / Plus4 Joystick Adapter

C16 / Plus4 Joystick Adapter

  • A short adapter cable with a male 8 pin mini-DIN on one end and a male D-Sub9 connector on the other, allowing standard Atari/C64/Amiga style joysticks to be connected to the C16 / Plus 4
  • Note: Due the non-standard C16/+4 port connections, any auto-fire feature present on your joystick may not work.
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Circlip for Zipstik handle

Circlip for Zipstik handle

  • Used to retain the switch actuator collar / spring assembly to the joystick shaft.
  • For common microswitch based Zipstiks, not the "Powerplay" type with tactile switches.
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Five case screws for Zipstiks

Five case screws for Zipstiks

  • Original parts in good condition.
  • These are for the common Zipstiks with microswitches, not the "Powerplay" type with tactile switches.
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Four flat silicone feet for Zipstik joysticks + IPA wipe

Four flat silicone feet for the Zipstik / Competition Pro joystick

  • Four new self-adhesive 13mm diameter x 2mm round silicone feet.
  • For Zipstik (and Competition Pro) joysticks that originally had flat feet, or where the suckers have been removed.
  • Also includes an isopropyl alcohol wipe to help prepare the surface.
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Four internal screws for Zipstiks

Four internal screws for Zipstiks

  • Original parts in good condition.
  • These are to attach the microswitches in the common Zipstiks (not for the "Powerplay" type with tactile switches.)
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New Joystick Microswitch - Top quality Crouzet brand - Single

New microswitch for joysticks (Single)

  • A brand new, top quality Crouzet brand microswitch with a mechanical life rated at 10,000,000 operations, same as those used in the original Zipstik joystick but suitable for other joysticks too.
  • Smooth, quiet operation, midrange actuation force - not too loose or stiff.
  • It may be best to replace all four direction microswitches to preserve the balance (important for diagonals) but YMMV.
  • Usually a simple swap job, though pliers (and occasionally soldering may be needed.)
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Pack of new tactile switches for later Powerplay Zipstiks

Six new tactile switches for the Powerplay Zipstik

  • Two vertical types for the fire buttons and four right angle type for the directions
  • Used in the later cost-reduced version of the Zipstik made by Powerplay which has PCB mounted tactile switches instead of microswitches.
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Replacement joystick cable - 1.5 Metres

New replacement joystick cable - 1.5 Metre

  • Brand new cable with standard Atari-VCS type connector (DSUB9) at one end and bare wires at the other
  • Suitable for Zipstiks, Competition Pro and many other types of retro joystick
  • 9-core cable with all pins connected. Note: the core colours are specific to this cable and may not match existing joysticks. The 6 basic connections are: Blue: Common (Pin 8), Green: Fire (Pin6), Red: Up (Pin1), Black: Down (Pin2), Grey: left (Pin3), Orange: Right (Pin4). The other cores can be clipped if not required (these are: Brown=Pin5, White=pin7, Yellow=pin9)
  • The strain relief grommet's case gap is approx 6mm diameter, length approx 2.8 mm
  • Cable is approx 1.5M long. 
  • The loose cores from the strain relief grommet are approx 48mm long so will often need to be joined to existing wires inside the joystick. Some short lengths of heatshrink tubing are supplied to help make a neat job.
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Zipstik microswitch mounting plate - Black type

Zipstik microswitch mounting plate (black)

  • Original used part in good condition.
  • This is the black plastic type.
  • Height (excluding switch location pegs) 7mm, total height: 13mm
  • Note: These can vary slightly in size, occasionally they'll drop in, other times will require some pressure.
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