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Modifications for Spectrum 128 variants


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In-line power switch for Spectrum 128 / +2

In-line Power Switch for Spectrum 128 / 128+2

A brand new on-off switch cable that connects between the DC jack of the Spectrum PSU and the computer's power socket. It saves wear and tear on the Spectrum's connector and eliminates the need to constantly connect / disconnect the DC plug for a full reset. This version has been specially made for the Spectrum 128 ("toast rack") / +2 (the grey 128) :-

  • Uses high quality cable with thicker guage wire for the higher current draw of the 128 Spectrums (can also be used with the Spectrum 48, but not the +2A or +3 (which have DIN style power connectors)).
  • Switches the positive supply line - this is always a more desirable state of affairs (because of the Spectrum's unusual PSU polarity, generic switch cables on the market will leave the positive connected and switch the negative side.)
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Solder 3 Metres 0.7mm

3 Metres of flux-cored 60/40 tin-lead solder

Good quality, 0.7mm diameter - ideal for fine electronics work.

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