Capacitors for the ZX Spectrum

Old electrolytic capacitors can dry out and fail so it's a good idea to replace them before damage occurs. For 128 cap packs, see the Spectrum 128 section.


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A pack of replacement Axial Capacitors For Spectrum 16/48 and Composite Mod Kit

Axial Capacitors For ZX Spectrum / Composite Video Mod Kit

A set of new axial type electrolytic capacitors for the Spectrum 16 / 48 / 48+ (the same format as those originally fitted to the PCB). The kit also includes the components which can be used to modify the Spectrum's video output to give a composite video signal from the existing phono connector (and parts for the DC-DC mod on issue 2 boards). The pack is suitable for motherboard issues 2 to 6A. Brief instructions included, with full details here.

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A pack of replacement Radial capacitors for Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K

Radial electrolytic capacitors  for Spectrum 48 / Composite mod kit

A set of new known-brand (Panasonic, Nichicon) radial type long life capacitors suitable for re-capping a ZX Spectrum 48K (board issues 2 to 6A). As radial type caps have both leads at the same end, one has to be bent over the body of the capacitor when fitting - see this photo for example. See above for for axial types. Brief instructions are included, full details here. The kit also includes components to do the composite video mod (capacitor and transistor version) and issue 2 DC-DC mod.

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Capacitor for Spectrum video mod

A 100uf  Capacitor

A capacitor suitable for making the composite video mod on ZX Spectrums

Please see this article for details.

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Capacitors for ZX Interface One Iss4 PCB

Replacement capacitors for ZX Interface One - Issue 4 PCB

  • 3 x 47uf axial capacitors
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