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** If enquiring about SMART Cards or Nebulas: Due to the worldwide component shortage, the CPLD chip these products are based upon is currently unavailable - suppliers' due dates are towards 2023 and beyond. Obviously with this dire state of affairs, it's impossible for me to say when, if ever, I'll be able to make more SMART Cards or Nebulas - sorry! **

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  • Messages need to be in English and should be kept as short as possible - ie: a few sentences max.
  • I cannot reserve items or arrange orders outside of the store's cart system.
  • For advice regarding fault-finding please check this link. Please don't ask me to get involved in diagnosing faults - it can be very difficult and time consuming to do remotely (it's unlikely that I'll be able to add anything to the info found on the linked page anyway).

 I'll try to get back to you ASAP (Monday-Friday) but please be patient and allow a couple of days for a reply. There are answers to some FAQs below. 



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